September 21-25, 2019, the city of Togliatti hosts the International informational tour and International Youth Conference LOCALFRIENDS 2019

About the event

In September 2019, the first International Youth Conference and an informational tour for youth delegations of the siter-cities and partners who participate in the LOCALFRIEND project will be held in the city of Togliatti. The informational tour and conference are organized and supported by the Togliatti Academy of Management, the Togliatti division of the Russian Schoolchildren Movement, and the Togliatti City Administration.

The International Youth Conference LOCALFRIENDS in Togliatti will become a platform for acquaintance, live communication and interaction of young people aged 14 to 18 years in several multinational teams. The conference will help schoolchildren to gain skills and experience of teamwork in project activities. Under the guidance of tutors who will help children to establish communication, youth teams will take part in city quest games, visit places of attraction for the youth community and get acquainted with the sights of Togliatti as part of an information tour. Guests from sister-cities and partners will try the roles of experts in the field of youth and educational tourism, while Togliatti students will become their local guides.

During the entire informational tour, one of the teams’ tasks will be to collect photos and videos, reviews and ratings about visited places, which can later serve as the basis for creating an online city guide for young tourists in the city of Togliatti.


September 21-25, 2019.


Youth teams with coordinators from the sister-cities and partners of Wolfsburg (Germany), Nagykanizsa (Hungary), Novo Mesto (Slovenia), as well as participants of the AFS international educational program from Italy and Hong Kong.